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Ranging from study of concept to design and development of hardware and its software integration platforms, we offer everything under one roof. As a hardware consulting firm, we know what key parameters can impact the performance of system and what off the shelf components to be used in order to visualize efficient working of platforms.
About Us

About Us

A small crew of people with expertise in different hardware domains to offer fully integrated complete solution. The key aspect of Gensys is to develop production ready prototypes and reduce time-to-market. Several years of semiconductor industry experience with working on tech trends and disruptive technology development led to inception of Gensys. A team of hard working, tech enthusiast professionals ready to explore new technologies and challenges in domain of hard-tech. A small elite team that always gets the job done right.


Our Vision

We at Gensys solutions believe in enlightening our clients' future through providing exquisite solutions by way of our passion for innovation along with prolonged services. We believe in partnering with our clients from imagination through execution to create meaningful, enduring product and solutions keeping an eye on current and future tech trends.

Gensys is an ideology to drive innovation with understanding of existing systems and evolving them over time. Gensys is a design and development boutique to get-off new developments as big industry and try some interesting technologies together with numerous applications. Take off quickly with new product design-ins and reduce time to market.



OEM/ODM Development

We support companies in bringing up their platforms together with Electronic manufacturing services together with our partners in asia and bringing down the cost of system with setting up cooperation with manufacturing and assembly lines. Our partners can handle assembly, PCB design and manufacturing, external casing and housing design based on requirements.


Design & Development

In Design and Development services we can offer several design aspects covering from Radar systems development, RF and Microwave Systems, Antenna consultancy, EMC/EMI simulations, Extensive Multilayer PCB design and development, Wireless network Modelling and system simulations etc.


Support & Distribution

Gensys offers hardware as a service and maintenance of hardware as a service solution for clients. Gensys is partnered with industry solution provider to cater needs in technology procurements in domain of RF, Microwave and Wireless communication systems. Gensys can support companies in getting the solution based on requirements.


Technology Consultancy

Gensys provides consultancy to clients for development of hardware based on off the shelf components available from the semiconductor industry. Gensys also provide technical solutions together with feasibility of implementation and insights on business cases. Economic viability and efficiency of systems with applications validation can be supported by Gensys team.



Radar Systems

We specialize in multi-channel radar systems at X-band, K-band and V-band applications. We are doing developments for consumer as well as military grade radar systems. We offer our clients full system integration together with our partners for development of RF front end, Antenna, radar signal processing and baseband chain. We are focussed on FMCW radar systems and doppler radar systems. These radar systems can be used for presence and motion detection, door openers, intruder alarms, smart lighting applications, drone applications, robotic applications as well as human micro motions detection in domain of consumer applications.


RF and Microwave Systems

Gensys solutions offers consultancies for the design and development of high frequency systems including RF, millimeter wave and microwave frequencies. The team at Gensys has several years of experience in building RF front ends for Radars and Communication Systems. We offer services and development of front ends for X Band, K Band and V Band radar systems. Our team also provides services to our customers to develop different communication front ends for LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth standards and military applications. Software Defined Radio (SDR) is one of the currently running project that is being investigated by our team to explore different applications. We also research on possibilities of Long range radios for D2D (Device to Device) and Narrow band IoT Applications.


PCB Design and Production

Gensys solutions have the expertise to build professional multi-layer PCBs. We have experience in designing power management, RF, communication system PCBs. Apart from these, we also have the expertise to build PCBs for IoT applications. We also work together with our clients to build either prototype PCBs or end product PCB. Our team is in good contact with many of the leading PCB manufacturers and this relation helps us to build a custom stack up catering to various needs as specified by the customer.


Wireless network Modelling

We offer real-world simulation of network topology for various Radio access technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE etc.) covering key aspects such as base station counts, backhaul type, network capacity and interference management. We also evaluate system performance for low power wide area networks (LPWA), such as NB-IoT and LTE-M used in a variety of challenging, real-world M2M communication applications.

Ongoing Projects


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